Carrabelle Cares


Carrabelle CARES is a Carrabelle based Non Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization formed in July 2006 to encourage the development and improvement of economic, social, cultural, artistic and recreational opportunities for the citizens of the City of Carrabelle, Franklin County, Florida. The care in Carrabelle CARES stands for Cultural, Arts, Recreation, Economic Service. Each year we have been able to expand our resources to assist with more projects and programs.

Goals are accomplished by providing leadership and working to develop resources in support of these important aspects of community life through coordination, facilitation, grant writing and advocacy.

We are registered with the Florida Department of State‘s Division of Corporations as a non-profit, we are designated as a 501 (c)(3) organization and we also are registered with the Florida Division of Revenue as a tax exempt organization.

We write grants for funds to serve Carrabelle from State and Federal government agencies, foundations and private for profit companies. We participate in county and regional activities that will bring future resources to the Carrabelle area. We specialize in coordination and cobbling together a patchwork of funding sources to get complicated projects accomplished.

We care about the people of Carrabelle - children, workers and elders. We care about the history of Carrabelle. We care about recreation, safety and resources for Carrabelle. We care about our enviornment in the surrounding area, the coast, Tate’s Hell Swamp, wetlands and uplands. We care about the economy of the Carrabelle area. We care about our City.

We have a dedicated team of hard working board members and an awesome volunteer corps.