Carrabelle Cares

The Fishy Fashion Show

Carrabelle and the festival are proud to be the home to the Fishy Fashion Show.

Fishy Fashion Show

“Our fashion show draws eager
crowds and has become a
centerpiece of the festival.”

On Saturday afternoon at 2 pm, the signature show features a unique promenade of high fashion coastal couture made from maritime morsels and washed up relics including oyster sacks, sea nets, sponges, shells, repurposed beach umbrellas and assorted flotsam and jetsam. 

Featured ensembles include the Maritime Marshall, Bay Side Bride and Groom, a salty Sea Vamp, an outrageous Red Tide She Devil, Sponge Bonnet Sue, a menacing Sea Warrior and many more. 

The wondrous creations are presented by Fishy Fashion Show creator Joan Matey of Lanark and feature her personal creations and the creative stylings of Jan Neshat of Crawfordville, Florida.

A real crowd pleaser, be sure to show up early for a bite to eat and a good seat for the show. 

You don’t want to miss this one!

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