This unique collection of memorabilia and artifacts tells the story of Carrabelle from the perspective of its long term residents; the people who have personally experienced the tides of change in the area.  We are grateful to the local citizens who have contributed evidence of Carrabelle’s past through photos, scrapbooks, keepsakes, artifacts, and fascinating personal stories.

If you have something from Carrabelle or Franklin County that represents historic Carrabelle and the area please consider donating it to the museum so that all residents and visitors can enjoy them. Some of the things we would love to have include:

  • Old Carrabelle family photos
  • Old photos of Carrabelle folks working at their trade, at the beach, etc.
  • Articles or bumper stickers about the net ban or turtle excluder device (T.E.D.)
  • Party Boat photos from the 1950s
  • Taxidermy stuffed local fish
  • Old Moonshine making items from 30s prohibition era (no questions asked)
  • Carrabelle High Sports teams memorabilia
  • Old Carrabelle daily living or work artifacts