Summary of 2018 Franklin County Coastal Clean-up

                                                            Bags            Pounds             Pounds               Volunteers            

                                                                             (coordinators’   (official)                 (including

                                                                                estimates)                                    coordinators)


Apalach Abercrombie Park                   4                      48                                                     3          

Apalach Battery Park                          21                    250                                                  18

Bald Point State Park                         30                 1,200                                                   97

Carrabelle Pavilion                              50                    600                                                   25

Carrabelle Beach                                 10                     88                                                   15

Dog Island                                          36                 1,850                                                   33          

Eastpoint downtown                          33                    400                                                     5

Eastpoint Millender Park                    15                    104                                                   13

FSU Coastal/Marine Lab                      7                    70                                                      2            

John S. Phipps Nature Conservancy (delayed)

Preserve, Alligator Point

Lanark Beach                                     10                  180                                                   12

Lanark Reef/SGI Causeway (delayed)                                                                                  

Little St. George Island                      21                   650                                                    26          

SGI downtown                                   48                   493                                                    41

SGI State Park                                     8                   100                                                    11

St. Teresa                                            --                      --                                                       --

St. Vincent NWR                              20                  800                                                     14


TOTALS:                                        313               6,951                                                   315


2016 Franklin County Coastal Clean-up - A few of the Carrabelle Volunteers

                                                     Bags           Pounds                                   Volunteers            

                                                                             (coordinators’                                  (including

                                                                                estimates)                                    coordinators)

 Apalach Abercrombie Park                      5                  25                                                     4

Apalach Battery Park                             25                 500                                                    10         

Bald Point State Park                           165               8000                                                    80

John S. Phipps Nature                          24                   73                                                    12         

      Conservancy Preserve

Carrabelle Pavilion                                29                 500                                                    19

Carrabelle Beach                                     9                  359                                                    16         

Dog Island                                               24                7500                                                   48         

Eastpoint downtown                            34                1120                                                    11

Eastpoint Millender Park                      35                  325                                                    16

Eastpoint West of Millender                 11                  210                                                    10         

FSU Coastal/Marine Lab                       8                  100                                                    18            

Lanark Beach                                            14                 437                                                    14

Lanark Reef &

       SGI Causeway delayed)                                                                           

Little St. George Island                        25                  535                                                    19         

SGI downtown                                     48                  765                                                    24

SGI State Park                                         7                  340                                                    37

St. Teresa                                               1                    50                                                      1           


TOTALS:                                          364             21,203                                                  349




Mr. Rob Powis of Carrabelle began this project back in October of 2014. His diligent & dedicated work to coordinate & oversee what turned out to be a complicated & difficult project through to the end is appreciated by all. Thank you, Rob, for helping to keep our Carrabelle River beautiful! Donations to assist with removal cost will be accepted by Carrabelle Waterfront Partnership.

Thank you letter for participating in the 2016 Mardi Gras Parade

 2016 Procession of the Species at the Apalachicola Mardi Gras Parade.


Link to Clean Up Summary

Pearl, the Trash Trollop

2014 Top Ten Items Collected in Franklin County (link to table)

Volunteers hard at work during the 2014 Franklin County Coastal Cleanup

WOW!!!  Many thanks to the 321 volunteers who participated in the  2014 Franklin County Coastal Cleanup

                                                                   Bags            Pounds           Volunteers                   

                                                                                                            (including Coordinators)

 Apalach Battery Park                                    30                      700                14

Apalach Bridge Causeway                              10                      350                 2

Bald Point State Park                                     45                    4000                80

Carrabelle Pavilion                                         50                    2000                31

Carrabelle Beach                                             6                       97                10

Dog Island                                                    12                      265                16

Eastpoint downtown                                         8                     150                 8                   

Eastpoint Millender Park                                12                      100                12

Eastpoint West of Millender                            11                      270                15

FSU Coastal/Marine Lab                                   2                       20                  9

Phipps Nature Conservancy Preserve              14                     300                18

Lanark Beach                                                  8                      136                12

Lanark Reef (delayed for 2 weeks)                                                                  5

Little St. George Island                                  14                      500                 9

SGI downtown                                               53                    1050                52                               

SGI State Park                                               12                      430                23

St. Teresa                                                       2                        30                  5


 TOTALS:                                                     289                   10,398             321


  30 volunteers showed up to work 4 hours cleaning up the Carrabelle River Watershed on April 12, 2014.  A total of 1,780 lbs of debris was removed.




The Procession of the Species in Apalachicola for the 2014 Mardi Gras Parade.



 Carry a mask in the January 31, 2014 Apalachicola Mardi Gras Parade 



2013 International Coastal Clean-up.  Team Carrabelle - 28 volunteers!!! 

Recognition Certificates go to:

Skip Frink for many years of service in all cleanups and using his canoe to bring in numerous heavy bags of trash nobody else could reach.

The TIGERS/SWAT Team for their special group efforts and picking up several 300 cigarette butts.

Collected 46 bags, 5 tires, beach chair, broken sheet of glass, television and over 300 cigarette butts.

Estimate 1100 pounds


 A huge "Thank you" to all Franklin County volunteers (252) in the Apalachicola Times at the link below:

2013 Franklin County Coastal Cleanup Volunteers


Carrabelle CARES and the Carrabelle Waterfronts Partnership had a successful river clean-up on Saturday, April 13.  22 volunteers logged a total of 72.6 hours gathering up over 40 bags of trash from the river's edge and along streets that drain directly to the river.  Most of the trash consisted of plastic bags, aluminum cans, and glass bottles.  Lots of PVC pipe, the front of an air conditioner, and the back to a TV (the TV was too large to move).

Special thanks to the crew of library Tiger Program girls for their help.




The Procession of the Species is a fun way to bring awareness to Florida native animals.  Participants carry masks in the 2013 Mardis Gras Parade in Apalachicola.


January 2013 - Long distance paddler, Daniel Alvarez arrives in Carrabelle.


    Tons of trash and debris are removed by the hands of thousands of volunteers every year and YOU can join them.

Carrabelle CARES  invites you to participate in the 2012 Carrabelle River Watershed Cleanup in conjunction with American Rivers’ National River Cleanup™.   Join us on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the Public Pavilion on Marine Street in Carrabelle from 8:30am to 12:00pm for a fun day of removing tons of trash from our Carrabelle River.  For more information or to signup please contact Carrabelle CARES 850-697-2141 or view our cleanup information at


2011 Coastal Clean-up

 Carrabelle CARES had 18 people, 3.5 hours, 35 garbage bags full, lots of other "stuff" too big for bag, 12 miles, guess 150 to 200 pounds (official weigh in was 640lbs).   Lots of glass beer bottles! 



  # People # Bags Hours Miles estimate lbs. offical lbs
Totals 163 302 447.5 66.5 3,991 4060
  total estimated lbs 4970  
  plus amt from River CleanUp 1080
    Grand Total Weight 5140
    That’s 2.5 tons of trash picked up in Franklin County!



2011 Coastal Clean

Coastal and Watershed Cleanups

Carrabelle CARES partnered with the Apalachicola Riverkeeper on two annual coastal clean-ups this year. In the spring, we organized a watershed clean up to remove trash and garbage from Tate’s Hell Swamp in conjunction with the Division of Forestry and along the rivers that drain in to St. George’s Sound. Over thirty volunteers went on foot, in cars, trucks, four wheelers and boats to remove over a ton of debris.

As a part of the International Coastal Clean-up held the weekend after Labor Day, CARES worked with the Apalachicola Riverkeeper, the Franklin County Solid Waste and the City of Carrabelle to clean up the beaches and coastline along 30A, on both sides of the Carrabelle River, Postum and Jordan Bayous, and from Old McKissack Beach to the County Wayside Park and on to the Crooked River Lighthouse. Over thirty volunteers including kids from the Franklin County Public Library went out on foot, canoes, kayaks and powerboats bringing in over a ton of rubbish and household garbage to two locations.

Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Carrabelle CARES collaborated with the Apalachicola Riverkeeper to show a Wild & Scenic Film Festival Apalachicola Basin at the Carrabelle City Auditorium. The Films were part of a national effort to recognize independent films and shorts about the environment to educate and inform residents about approaches to help our treatment and use of the earth. Films were shown in two sessions. One targeted children and featured kid friendly food and the second session addressed adults and was followed by a reception sponsored by local organizations.